Multiline label

Saw a github request on this. Is this something in the making? I have a very long label I would like to add newlines to. I think its possible in matplot.
The label is a text, could I use something else to fix the issue? Annotations, text?

The label is so long that they overlap:

Managed to get a workaround by adding a subplot with labels. Is it possible to make the second label color from grey to white. I can only change the MC’s and Wells label by changing this:

p.xaxis.major_label_text_color = “black”

I would like to remove the secondary label, either make it invisible. make the font white?


How exactly are those gray labels created?

Ah, it’s a categorical plot, right. Try p.xaxis.group_text_color.

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Yes, that worked! Thanks a lot:D