Multiple TapTool function

Hi all,

I’ve seen that I can set TapTool with option gesture to trigger the tool either on single or double tap.
Is it possible to set up the tool so that different functions are fired if it is single- or double-tapped? E.g. select the glyph with single, OpenURL with double.
Or even better, can’t we define different functions by adding combos like “key+tap”?

No, but I believe that you could add two tap tools, each configured differently. I am not 100% sure that will work, though, it may only be possible to have one tap tool active at at time, even with different gestures. You would just have to try. Tap tool does not support any key modifiers.

yes, I have to switch from one tap tool to the other by clicking on the toolbar.
But that (multiple gestures allowed), and key modifiers, should be interesting. Should I file a feature request?

Certainly you can, I can’t promise any specific turnaround time that they might be looked at. I would suggest two separate issues, because adding key modifiers is likely much simpler than allowing multiple tap tools based on behaviour.

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