New theme for Bokeh 1.4

With many thanks to Joris Van de Bossche for sharing the new Bootstrap-based Sphinx theme he has been working , Bokeh 1.4 docs will have a completely new (mobile-friendly) look. The new site is deployed as a dev build:

It would be really valuable to get (quick) feedback, and ideally help with implementing the feedback. This will go live later this week and I a not sure now much more work I can personally put in to it this week. Please leave any comments, observations here, and we can triage in to GH issues as appropriate


Looks great!

Only thing I see is the hamburger menu not formatting correctly on some wide pages on Android 9, Firefox preview (screenshot). Chrome is similar but a bit more erratic.

@Jack_Beanland thanks for the kind words. Can you elaborate a bit? In the image you share it looks like the hamburger menu at the top rendered as expected, but that the footer block with the links and © notice showed up at half the width it should be?

Apologies for the pretty vague words.

(for reference this is looking at

For some pages the graphs are wider than that text width so the page extends rightwards so that you can see everything. The text and footer remain the same width as on the other pages, but the navbar seems to set itself as the new total width of the page, effectively meaning that you have to scroll right or zoom out to see the hamburger menu.

When I go to the same page on my desktop (firefox or chromium) this doesn’t occur, the navbar fixes itself to the page width and the rest of the page remains horizontally scrollable.

In general, of course, its beautiful and works well.

Hope that’s a little more helpful but please bug me for more specifics if needed

Expected behaviour, as it is on desktop, when you scroll across the navbar remains the same:

@Jack_Beanland Ah, thank you, now I understand. I am not sure how to fix it though, so perhaps it would be good to record an issue in case there is someone who comes along who does. Do you mind putting this info in an issue?

The new theme looks great. Without looking in much detail would we need to implement some changes to the figure scaling options for examples on the web? Although seems in some cases the figures fit nicely and in others they dont so perhaps thats also a html/styling issue.

@anthonydouc Well I’m not sure if this is your question or not, but I’d first mention that most of the examples in the docs have a fixed sizing mode, and are not responsive at all. This goes way back to a time before there were good options for sizing modes. It would be a reasonable and valuable project for somoene(s) to go through the docs and update examples to use responsive sizing modes in more places. [1] That’s a bit orthogonal to the site theme, I think (i.e. I would expect the same things are at least as bad or worse on the old site theme)

  1. I guess the main question/concern is what to do in cases were squishing a plot down to fit on a phone will just not ever be good, i.e. the periodic table example that is just intrinsically wider than it is tall. But there are many more possible problem cases. Maybe there is a more graceful way for just the plots to overflow without affecting the rest of the page. ↩︎

+1 for the search the docs feature! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if I’m just missing something obvious with the current docs, but not being able to find the search functionality has been a bit of a handicap for me. I’ve mainly been searching via Google which then invariably links back to old versions of the doc. :stuck_out_tongue:

Many thanks for the effort put into maintaining and updating Bokeh.



There was a long-standing issue about re-adding the search. It went away when Google abruptly discontinued their Google Site Search product several years ago. I recently hoped to replace it with an ad-free Google Custom Search engine, but the paperwork based on NumFOCUS non-profit status will not be ready in time for the release. The current search box is powered by the Sphinx client search facility, which is not great, but passable.

For the images being too wide, I think we need to make images “responsive” as well so they scale appropriately. There is an issue about this here: (now, that is for “normal” images, the interactive bokeh ones are probably not <img> tags?)

@jorisvandenbossche Exactly, I think it most of these cases, it’s actual BokehJS plots with a fixed size specified, rather than images (png, etc)

I really like the new Reference pages, well done :slight_smile:

While reading about the HoverTool I figured the icon is actually the Crosshair icon :sweat_smile:


This is the icon plotted when including the HoverTool:

@Matthias can you make an issue or open a PR?

Didn’t know that also the documentation site is publicly available on git :open_mouth:
I don’t have permissions to create a new branch though, so I just opened an issue.
Edit: Nevermind, issue + PR

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