Notification (even) whenever a table cell value changes (DataTable.editeable=true)

Hi everybody

I have got a bokeh ColumnDataSource like this:

    self._ds_sentences = ColumnDataSource(data=empty_dataset)
    self._ds_sentences.on_change('data', lambda _, old, new: print('NEVER TRIGGERS'))

and a table like this (shortened):

DataTable(editable=True, columns=[
        editor=SelectEditor(options=['SUITABLE', 'OK', 'UNSUITABLE'])
], source=self._ds_sentences, fit_columns=True, width=1200, margin=(20, 0, 0, 0))

Now I need to perform some action, whenever the user edits the labels field and yet I am unable to find any event, that fires, when the user just does so? What am I overlooking (I read the documentation for hours and tried on_change and on_event on the SelectEditor, the DataTable and the ColumnDataSource with every imaginable value without success!

Many thanks

Hi @Airborne Please share a Minimal Reproducible Example. Without full code to consider and investigate, it’s usually much harder to speculate where anything might be going astray. All I can do in this case is mention that the standard source.on_chagne('data', ...) operation for data table edits is maintained continuously under test, and suggest that comparison to the test may be instructive to you.

Also, FYI if you must cross-post questions in different forums (e.g. StackOverflow), we appreciate if you add cross-links everywhere, so that future users can always get to an answer, regardless of where they find find the question.