November OSS Break

Hi all,

First, I wanted to state that by all accounts the 1.0 release (very soon to be 1.0.1) has gone off without any major incident. Many thanks to everyone involved in making Bokeh stable and successful.

I also wanted to relate that, following the lead of Python core developer Brett Cannon, I am choosing to take an entire month off from OSS support and development in order to recharge and re-orient. I will not be active or checking the mailing list, Gitter chat, Stack Overflow, or GitHub during the month of November. There are now many people with deep knowledge about Bokeh, so I am confident that everyone here is in collective good hands, and will be able to take good care of each other. Please take some time to see if there are questions you can help others with, and if so, share your valuable knowledge!

Many thanks,


Good - take a well deserved break dude.