Old bokeh.charts.Horizon no longer supported?


At the latest versions of Bokeh I could not find the Horizon Chart feature (https://bokeh.pydata.org/en/0.12.4/docs/reference/charts.html#bokeh.charts.Horizon), which was available in older versions of bkcharts. I couldn’t find any reference in Holoviews either.

Is this feature no longer maintained? Any suggestions on how to make a custom one if it’s not really available in Holoviews?

All of bokeh.charts including Horizon was removed almost two years ago, in Bokeh 0.12.7. Just as you suggest, the reason is that there was no one to maintain a very high-level API in the core Bokeh project, and other outside projects (e.g. Holoviews or Chartify) were interested and better-suited to focus on this role.

I think a Horizon chart would be a reasonable thing for Holoviews to consider, and I think the Holoviews devs would be receptive to discussing it. I’d suggest proposing this feature on the Holoviews tracker. In the mean time, Bokeh 1.2 did add new varea_stack and vline_stack methods to figures. As long as your “index” (i.e. x-axis coordinates) are aligned, then this should make it substantially easier to implement a Horizon chart yourself in pure Bokeh. You can see a varea_stack example here.

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Nice, Bryan. Thank you for the quick reply. I’ll sure open an issue on Holoviews, but I’m also gonna do a little tweaking and try to customise my own Horizon chart with Bokeh.

If I succeed perhaps I may come back with a reasonable result at the showcase section :slight_smile:

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