Old bokeh source code on GitHub


looking for old bokeh 0.xxx and 1.xxx version, but do not find it on GitHub (I am translating some extensions into typescript and need to see how some classes have changed)


@chupach1 apologies but I am not sure what you mean. We have never done any history editing on main or release branches, so the entire commit history is on Github, including all release tags. If you want to see the code for a particular version then you should check out the tag for that release (either in the GitHub web UI or with the git command line).

That said, there have been enormous changes since 0.x, especially that impact custom extensions. I would highly recommend just studying the current examples in the docs and examples folder, and starting from there.

sure, I start from the last examples, which are a huge help, but in some extensions, I don’t understand what I’ve done because some methods disappeared.

So yes I found the old releases, but only for download. I did not know that GitHub would compress the archives after a while…sorry. Thanks

Still not sure I follow. If you clone the repository you will get the entire history and can check out any tag locally. Alternatively you can pick a tag to view on the GH web UI

“Alternatively you can pick a tag to view on the GH web UI”
only download of tgz/zip archives are enabled with old version tags (at least I didn’t succeed live access). That is ok in any case, I can check what I need.

E.g. https://github.com/bokeh/bokeh/tree/2.2.0 gotten to from the main page

hello Bryan,

nono, i am speaking of much older tags like 0.12.3 or so. No results on these, but source code available from “releases” on the right.

@chupach1 The one I left above was just one example. Every release tag is there: https://github.com/bokeh/bokeh/tree/0.12.3

Even all the way back to https://github.com/bokeh/bokeh/tree/0.0.1 from 2012

thanks for your help !

very sorry with this question not really related to bokeh…