Pass BoxSelectTool cb_data selection to Python code in Bokeh Server

I have a bokeh plot where I need the user to interactively select a certain x-range. With this selection, I need to execute complex Python code - a CustomJS callback is not an option.

The BoxSelectTool seems perfect for this - from the look and feel of it, it is exactly what I need (See screenshot below).

According to the documentation, after finishing a selection, a custom callback can be invoked that tells me the selection range cb_data . However, I cannot find a way to pass that to a Python function - it looks like I can only add a CustomJS callback as callback.

What is the preferred way of passing the selection to custom Python code in Bokeh server? Is there any other tool that works like the BoxSelectTool ?

I managed to emulate the behaviour by activating the BoxSelectTool, ignoring it, and instead reading the raw data generated by the events (as documented here ):

def cb_on_pan_start(event):
  print("start{} _ ".format(event.x))
fig_speeds.on_event(PanStart, cb_on_pan_start)

def cb_on_pan_end(event):
  print("{} ".format(event.x))
fig_speeds.on_event(PanEnd, cb_on_pan_end)

The cb_data parameter is something that only applies to a handful of CustomJS callbacks.

There is however, a SelectionGeometry event, which would seem to be more directly what you are seeking:

p.on_event(events.SelectionGeometry, ...)
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This is actually the better solution, thank you. Tested it and it works as expected in Bokeh 1.2.0.

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