Permission error running bokeh server

I created a Panel File which should open some files. Executing the Script within jupyterlab it works fine. However, starting panel and thus bokeh, the script crashes.

inserting this into my script and executing it in jupyterlab

    open('/home/user/input/2023.06.02/230306 002_Blk.TXT','r')
except IOError:
    print("The file cannot be opened")

I get as result:


So it can open the files.

Executing the script in panel I get this error message in my cli:

The file cannot be opened

So I think this is the problem:

User authentication hooks NOT provided (default user enabled)

How can I start panel/bokeh using my default linux user?

This is normal and expected on a stock Bokeh server app invocation. It only means that (optional) authentication layer has not been enabled, Since you mention it works in jupyterlab but not with Panel, it seems likely that the issue is something specific to Panel. While Panel is built on top of Bokeh, it is an entirely separate project, developed and maintained by a different group of people. I’d say that your best best is to take this question to their forum:

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