Plot image outside of figure + interact


i want to interact with an image loaded to bokeh.
i currently see an option to use image_RGBA but i want to avoid the default decorations of figure (axes etc).

is there a way/code example to plot the image on some empty bokeh canvas? i will then want to grab coordinates on click as it works in figure (and is documented)

i found this solution from 2016 but there should be a better/straightforward way?

thanks for advices.

I think the solution you provided is the best way.
I had something similar, and I just loaded a figure with every parameter (axes, tools, etc.) set to False.

If you want to be extra “correct” I guess you could make a super minimalist theme and apply that theme to your doc

@espiritocz As stated if you use the figure API then you will just need to shut off or remove everything you don’t want.

Another option is to use the low-level Plot model directly. There, conversely, you would need to explicitly add everything you do want. There are several examples of using the bokeh.models API here:

bokeh/examples/models at branch-3.3 · bokeh/bokeh · GitHub

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