Plots do not appear

I am developing an app using the following modules:
Python: 3.7
Bokeh: 2.3.2

The app build an html file with multiple plots. The attached file

show the layout when the html is loaded. Only the first plot is shown. If I move my mouse cursor as drawn on the above picture then the missing plot shows up !

Also not sure if it is related but I get the following exception on the browser console:
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘get_ticks_no_defaults’)
at T.get_ticks_no_defaults (schedules_computation_time.html:379)
at T.get_ticks (schedules_computation_time.html:364)
at h.grid_coords (schedules_computation_time.html:523)
at h._draw_grids (schedules_computation_time.html:523)
at h._render (schedules_computation_time.html:523)
at h.render (schedules_computation_time.html:226)
at R._paint_levels (schedules_computation_time.html:540)
at R.paint (schedules_computation_time.html:540)
at R.after_layout (schedules_computation_time.html:540)
at u.after_layout (schedules_computation_time.html:526)

I will try to create minimal example but it will not be easy. Could I share the html file instead?

If you are using one of the embedding APIs e.g. components or json_items, do you have a mismatch between the Python version of Bokeh you used to create the plots, and the version of BokehJS you are loading in your template? That’s my only speculation with this little information, so if not, a Minimal Reproducible Example is really necessary.

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