Positioning titles inside figures / plot areas?

There’s a figure where there’s little going on at the top and it’s important I maximize plot area, continuing to display what’s going on in the top right corner. The figure’s title would ideally be placed inside the figure at the top of the plot area. I’d like the top of the title border to touch the top of the plot area, instead of the bottom of the title border touching the top of the plot area.

The user guide page on titles doesn’t seem to explain how to do this… Am I missing something? Is there anything I can do to offset it?

I’ve tried to recreate the title as a Label, but I can’t see any property which would let me reliably place it at the top for different display resolutions. Any ideas?

Have you attempted to set x_units and y_units to “screen” in order to position with pixel coordindates?

Yeah but it looks like I can only set the position relative to the bottom left corner. I could figure out the values required to position it at the top but this would give inconsistent results when viewed in sizing_mode="stretch_both" across different resolutions, which I care for.

Is it possible to somehow change the origin of the offset position?

I don’t recall for certain (you’ll just have to try), but negative values may work to anchor from the opposite side.