Preventing Multiple Plot Refresh


I am new to this group and to Bokeh,

I am trying to interactively resize 50.000+ data points on a
map in a client-server setting. My first observation is that resizing this
number of points is close to real-time on my laptop, this is great. One of the
issue that limits interactivity in my case, is that changing the size of the dots using a slider triggers as many
plot refresh than steps between the start and final size setting. Is there a
way to prevent these intermediary refreshes .i.e. can Bokeh be set to refresh
only once when to mouse is
released from the slider?



Yes, in the slider arguments just use " callback_policy=‘mouseup’ "

Please note that property only currently applies to CustomJS callbacks, not to python callbacks in Bokeh server apps. There is nothing (yet) built in to throttle python callbacks, but there is a serviceable workaround give in this SO answer:




On Apr 25, 2017, at 14:30, [email protected] wrote:

Yes, in the slider arguments just use " callback_policy='mouseup' "

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