Privately sharing a bokeh app

I am looking for a service that allows easy private sharing of bokeh apps. Right now, if I have an app developed for a customer, I need to take care of the hosting, authentication, etc. All this is certainly possible but is tedious. I am looking for a service that will allow deploying private bokeh apps (for a fee, of course).

(I know that Streamlit is already developing such a service for their platform. I think that plotly already has something like that and I find it strange there is nothing for Bokeh)

PythonAnywhere perhaps. I’ve never used them but I think there’s some built-in authentication and an ability to share your app with other users.

I have had good experiences hosting apps on Heroku. Well documented, easy to setup, numerous useful extensions, and flexible in terms of the different products / pricing based on deployment requirements.

I’ve typically used my own user management via Flask login and a PostGreSQL user database.

Alternatively, if that’s more than you care to take on, Holoviz panel is supporting authentication via OAuth. See NB: The panel server is the bokeh server, and its quite easy to wrap an app developed in bokeh after the fact.

Another option, depending on how secure of a solution you need is to use Heroku’s private spaces But that requires Enterprise level products, for which they don’t provide pricing on their website and is likely very expensive.

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actually, I work with panel, but I didn’t know about its OAuth module. I think that, in terms of cost to benefit ratio, this is the best option for me, right now.