Progress Bar Styling Not Rendering when using Inline Resources

The Jupyter Server I am working on has extremely strict CORS policies (meaning any External CSS requests are immediately blocked). This normally is not an issue as bokeh allows for all it’s resources to be loaded inline; however, I am unable to get styled progress bars with it.

Using the following code, the render result is exactly the same as <progress value="20" max="100"></progress> without any styling:

import panel as pn
from bokeh import resources
from import output_notebook

r = resources.Resources(mode='inline')


pn.indicators.Progress(name='Progress', value=20, width=200)

I ran the same code snippet on a local Jupyter server without any CORS policies and it works just fine.

Likewise I even attempted to download and render the following CSS link that are being block using the IPython.display.HTML and IPython.display.display to render them as Internal CSS to no avail:

Curious if any one had any ideas or workarounds for this?

Hi @1nv8rzim Panel is a separate project maintained by a different team of people. Questions about Panel should be directed at the HoloViz Discourse:

Will do! Thank you!

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