Race bar chart - bokeh/holoviews

Hi, just a quick question regarding racing bar charts. Is it possible to do in bokeh with server. I have seen examples in matplotlib, but they show snapshots in time, I was wondering if its possible to do with bokeh but the bars crossing over eachother like done here:


Hi @Zana I think this is definitely possible, but maybe not as simple as we might hope, at present. Right now, you would to have to explicitly compute the bar positions for the cross-overs yourself, which can certainly be done, but might be a bit tedious. I’d suggest using a standard numeric axis and not a categorical axis for something like this, as the plain numercial coordinates will be much easier to deal with than manipulating categorical offsets.

The thing that would make this simpler is when this issue is implemented:

We’ve proposed it as an idea for GSOC 2020 but if no student wants to take it up, it’s probably something I will finally try to make time for later this year.

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