Reference widgets properties to a ColumnDataSource object

I’m trying to update widgets based on a change that occurs on a ColumnDataSource object. The idea is to be able to update only one object (the source object) and instantly see the changes in the widgets without having to explicitly update their properties. Is this possible in any form?
Here’s what I’ve tried:

from bokeh.models import Select
from bokeh.models.layouts import Column
from bokeh.models.sources import ColumnDataSource
from import curdoc
import pandas as pd

df = pd.DataFrame({
    'samples': ['1', '2', '3', '1'],
    'labels': ['label1', 'label2', 'label1', 'label2']}
init_sample = '1'
source = ColumnDataSource(data=df.query('samples == @init_sample').to_dict('list'))

def update_data(attr, old, new):
    source.update(data=df.query('samples == @new').to_dict('list'))

unique_samples = df.samples.unique().tolist()

samples = Select(title="select", value=unique_samples[0], options=unique_samples)
labels = Select(

samples.on_change('value', update_data)

curdoc().add_root(Column(samples, labels))

I don’t think it’s possible to link data sources with widgets directly. You’ll have to use a callback that directly updates properties, yes.

@p-himik ok thanks!