Responsive layout with reflow for screen rotations?

There’s not any especially clean way I can think of. Did someone suggest otherwise? Maybe something like:

  • Python DocumentReady sets some property value just to trigger a CustomJS
  • JavaScript CustomJS reads window size and sets as a property value on some other object
  • Python property change callback uses window size
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Hi @Bryan

I am perfectly aware that no solution is ideal :slight_smile: Just want to check if I was thinking right and from your answer it seems so.

I will test and let you know how it went.

Thanks again.

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So here is the progress on this matter:

Click here using your phone:

and compare to the result on a desktop.

This is not perfect but is much better than before. There are absolutely no performance problems on reflowing the layouts like I am doing here:

If we had a window resize event that could do some work after the user finishes resizing the window the situation would be much improved. Any ideas about that?

Thanks for great support.

That seems reasonably self-contained so I’d suggest a GitHub Issue.

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Thanks. Here is the issue:

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