Select Widgets are not displayed correctly

Bokeh: 2.3.1
Python: 3.7

I have the following app:

from import curdoc
from bokeh.models.layouts import Column
from bokeh.models.widgets.buttons import Toggle
from bokeh.models.widgets.inputs import Select
from bokeh.models.widgets.markups import Div

toggle_btn = Toggle(label="click", active=True)
child_select1 = Select(title="select1", options=["1", "2"])
child_select2 = Select(title="select2", options=["1", "2"])
div = Div(text="Some text")

selects_layout = Column(child_select1, child_select2)
layout = Column(Column(toggle_btn, selects_layout), div)

toggle_btn.js_link("active", selects_layout, "visible")


I expect to see the select widgets based on the active property of the toggle button.
At first, you can see them just fine but when you click on the toggle button twice
the select widgets are displayed on top of each other and on top of the div widget underneath.

@roinr just seems like a bug, please file a GitHub Issue with these details.

Thanks! done.