Setting up a LAN bokeh server

Hello, I have no background on setting up servers, nor webpages. Recently we found bokeh as a tool to dispay some useful information to our bosses (and potentially to our clients further ahead). We have been using bokeh serve as something that opens up at localhost (sorry for my lack of lingo), our bosses are glad with how bokeh works and asked us if we could set up an internal server as to see the info by themselves without needing to install python or having us around.
We read this page so many times but we cannot understand basic concepts around how setting up what the page calls Basic Reverse Proxy Setup. (we believe this is the best option, as we may want to showcase this via web at some point in the future).

like where to put the lines of code the page tells us to write as a template (either using Nginx or apache).

As I said earlier, we lack basic concepts that were taken for grante, it would be of great help if someone could share some links on where to read stuff so we can understand this concepts so we can finally set up the LAN server, or maybe you guys have a full github example of something that works form the get go, so we can extrapolate from thereā€¦ anything would be of use.

Thanks in advance,