Slider reverse start-end


Would it be possible to have the slider start and end range from high-low instead of low-high? The range works when decreasing values are in negative (eg: -10-0) and doesn’t work for 10-0


Does step=-1 work? If not, then it’s probably just not ever been considered, and so does not happen to work. A GitHub issue would be reasonable.

step=-1 doesn’t work as well. I’d raise a GitHub issue.


You could use the attribute “direction” to change the values from high to low, by setting it to the option “right to left”.

slider = Slider(start=1, end=10, value=10, step=1, title="Stuff", direction="rtl")

@Matthias Thats seems reasonable too, again I’d suggest someone to make a GH issue to discuss if there is not one already (I don’t think there is).

@Bryan Yes, there is one.
I also posted my suggestion there and linked it with this thread :wink:
It also seems like you have already added tags on it^^

Ah, thanks! Lots of issues / brain getting old :slight_smile: