Spyder user new to bokeh

I am relatively new to data analysis and I have normally work in Spyder/Anaconda.
I have tried to use bokeh, the package is already installed but I am not sure if it is possible for the moment.
Could anyone confirm if it is possible?
Thanks in advance

Hi @Jorge_Caceres

It is certainly possible. Anaconda is a Python distribution that does a first-rate job of maintaining consistency of inter-dependencies among the installed package. It generally includes very recent, if not the most current, release of bokeh in its distributions. And you can easily update or downgrade packages if necessary.

You can also certainly use the Spyder IDE too for code development, editing, and running standalone Bokeh applications from the IDE command prompt.

If you want to use callbacks written in Python that require the bokeh server, well, that’s also handled seamlessly. Simply invoke the server from a terminal window, for example, and the bokeh server is launched using Python associated with the the Anaconda distribution.