Stability of new DOM

I tried updating the version of Bokeh I was running from 3.0.0dev2 to the latest 3.0.0dev5, and I noticed that Migrate bokehjs' components to use shadow DOM by mattpap · Pull Request #11239 · bokeh/bokeh · GitHub made some big changes to the DOM that broke a lot of my code (e.g., CSS selectors such as given in [FEATURE] Add ability to align RadioGroup options with icons · Issue #11524 · bokeh/bokeh · GitHub and those used in my Selenium tests).

I’m wondering how stable this change to the DOM is. It’ll take me a few man-hours to fix the issues, so I’d like to do it only once. If more changes are planned such that the final version version of 3.0 will be different from 3.0.0.dev5, I’ll hold off on making these updates for now, but if more isn’t planned, I’d prefer to fix things up now.

@efremdan1 Suggest opening a GitHub development discussion as @mateusz is the best person to engage this question, but there is no guarantee he will see it here.

Done. Stability of new DOM · Discussion #12082 · bokeh/bokeh · GitHub

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