Standard Model of Particle Physics with Bokeh

Hi, all

TLDR made this

in the past weeks, I have been on and off active here as I was trying to work on the Standard Model (SM) table in Bokeh in my spare time – hence all the questions about tex etc. in the community support.

We (my partner and I) managed to get something. It is not as pretty as I would like it to be (hover plus million other details) but it looks somewhat decent. If anyone has any comments, ideas - feel free to comment on my GitHub repo. Until we have the tex thing sorted, this will do for now I guess.



Hi @niko_sarcevic ,

This is lovely! Really nice work. And I do see how the tex thing would be an enhancement; I hope we get to see an updated version of your plot when that development work is ready.

Is it okay if we link to your project in a tweet?

Thanks so much for sharing!

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Hi @carolyn !
Thanks bunch, means a lot.

Yes, definitely you can share it in a tweet (super blushing right now :blush:). My handle is @NikoSarcevic (

Best from the UK