Starting a bokeh server and do block computation causes hangs in browser

Hi all,

I’m a brand new bokeh user and I’m hoping to use it for continuous plotting and computing. I’m toying with a piece of very simple code:

from bokeh.server.server import Server

from bokeh.application import Application

from bokeh.application.handlers.function import FunctionHandler

from bokeh.plotting import figure, ColumnDataSource

def make_document(doc):

fig = figure(title=‘Line plot!’, sizing_mode=‘scale_width’)

fig.line(x=[1, 2, 3], y=[1, 4, 9])

doc.title = “Hello, world!”


apps = {’/’: Application(FunctionHandler(make_document))}

server = Server(apps, port=5000)


Using sleep to simulate computation

import time


If I go to the localhost:5000 the browser would hang, whereas if I swap the server.start() with server.run_until_shutdown() I would be able to see the plot. How can I make the server run while I’m doing other computations? Eventually I would want to add computation and asynchronous update to the plot, so this is important to me. Thank you Bokeh community!