String Types in Slider Widget


I’m attempting to create circle plots and animate it similar to the Gapminder example. However my values that I’m incrementing over are “2019-Mar” rather than numeric. I want the slider to go to the next month in my list of strings (these are the same name as columns in the df) and have the graph update based on the new column name. Bokeh only accepts real number for the slider. Is there another widget I could use? Or can I create a list iterator and plug it into the slider?

Any help would be appreciated,

As of Bokeh 1.2, the built-in slider widget does not support anything other than numerical values. To accomplish this currently you could create a Custom Extension that wraps some JavaScript slider component appropriately for your use case. There is an example in the docs of wrapping the ionRangeSlider which could be used as a starting point: