Suggestion to box zoom, pan and wheel zoom at the same time

Hi folks,

I am new to Bokeh so maybe this is possible but the truth is that when I create a plot I see some buttons on the right and if I choose “Pan” I am not allowed to use “Box Zoom” at the same time.

Both tasks are done with the left button of the mouse. I think you could assign one of those tasks to the right button of the mouse and allow the three functions to be active.

Is this already possible?

For me Pan and Wheel Zoom active at the same time are a good combination but I think it would be even better.

Why not?


This is not currently possible.

Why not?

Because default built-in things have to work also on touch/mobile where there is only “drag” not “left drag” or “right drag”.

You could potentially create a custom extension tool that uses different events.

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