TextInput.on_change() doesn't work on Microsoft Edge

As I run the sliders script on a Bokeh server, the TextInput.on_change() doesn’t work when running on Microsoft Edge. I tried it on Chrome and it works.

Any idea why this happens?

For your reference: I am running Bokeh 2.0.1 on Anaconda, python version 3.7.4. on Windows 10, 64-bit. I created the server via the following command: “bokeh serve sliders.py”.

This seems like a bug on Edge. Can you please file a bug report in a GitHub issue?

Yes, done: https://github.com/bokeh/bokeh/issues/9985

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Thanks @jpvnunes I heve triaged it it tentatively for 2.1 release. However, I should mention that none of the current core devs commonly or regularly use windows, so that may possibly slip depending on everyone’s availability and other priorities. If you are interested and able to help look into this on Windows that would be a boost to getting it done sooner. In case you are, the dev guide “Getting Set Up” section is here.

Hi Bryan, no need to rush on this. I can easily use Chrome on Windows, which doesn’t show the problem. Since I saw this issue, I thought about reporting it, otherwise it would be forgotten. But I guess this isn’t that critical.

Bokeh seems quite well developed and very powerful already. Implementing this is a bonus to what we already have.