Tool icon gets pushed off palette during push_notebook

I created a figure with a set of tools. I have user interactions which calls push_notebook() to update the display. Everytime I do that, an additional tooltip like icon gets added to the palette (the repeating ones on the right, just to the left of the Bokeh icon), and the ones of the left get pushed off the screen.

What is that new icon? what purpose does it server? how can I prevent unlimited adding of this new icon?

If you are adding new hover tools over time, then this is expected (every individual HoverTool instance gets its own icon) Othwise, a Minimal Reproducible Example is really needed in order to be able to speculate.

then I don’t see a way around this. Adding tooltip upfront doesn’t work. it does not attach to the dynamically added glyphs. There is no delete_tools call to remove previous tooltips. How would I apply tooltip to glyphs that user adds interactively?

Did you try adding the tool up front and subsequently updating the hover_rool.renderers list with the new glyph renderers, as I suggested previously?

right now hover_tool.renderers yields ‘auto’. I am not able to google out any instruction on updating it.

This does not work

cluster_hover_tool = HoverTool(
    ("group theme", "@mean_theme")           

new_bracket = plot.multi_line( xs='x', ys='y', color='colors', source=line_source, name='bracket')
renderer_list = hover.renderers
hover.renderers = renderer_list

I’d expect something along those lines to work, but without a small, complete, Minimal Reproducible Example to directly evaluate, it’s not possible to say for certain if it is a bug or some other usage problem. I am happy to take a look at an MRE if you supply one.