Unable to launch bokeh standalone plots in remote machines or containerized app

hi all - i am having an issue with flasgger and bokeh. whenever i dockerized or install the flask program in EC2, it fails to launch a new bokeh chart window. application runs perfectly fine when executed from local. tried multiple options but still facing the issue. has anyone has faced similar problem?

the code that i used is posted here

The question is unclear. Are you expecting that the container on the remote EC2 is able to open a browser window on your local machine? If so, that is impossible in general (nothing to do with Bokeh, it’s just not possible at all). If you are running a Flask app, you should embed the Bokeh content using one of the various embedding APIs that Bokeh offers:

Also note: you are mixing at least four different versions of BokehJS on the code in the SO question and that is absolutely incorrect to do. The version of BokehJS needs to match the installed version of the Python package.