Update Glyph Column Name from DF then push_notebook

I have a bokeh figure in a Jupyter notebook with a circle glyph, using a data source of a pandas dataframe. I would like to be able to update the x values of the glyph to a different column in that data frame and have the original figure update in the notebook.

This is how my original figure is created:


source = ColumnDataSource(df)

p.circle(‘AVG_SPEED1’,‘y_value’, size=‘scale_unit’, source=source)

t = show(p, notebook_handle=True)

Then I want to be able to update that in the next notebook cell, to use another similar set of values in that dataframe with a column name of ‘AVG_SPEED2’, and have the chart update with push_notebook.

gr = p.select(dict(type=GlyphRenderer))

gr[0].glyph.x = ‘AVG_SPEED2’


How do I trigger that glyph to read that new column from the already attached data_source and re-render? Would I be better off just removing the glyph and adding it again?

Thanks in advance!