Using datashader with bokeh

I developed my app using bokeh. It comprises so many patches ( gis - polygons).
It is very slow on rendering the front page.

So, I want to rasterize the patches using datashader in bokeh (without using holoviews).
(All the examples I saw are on holoviews)
Is it possible to use datashader with bokeh? Or Is there any alternative way?


It’s certainly possible — Datashader just generates images, and Bokeh can display images. In standalone (non-server) content, you can compute the Datashader in Python up front and show it as a static image in the output. In the case of a Bokeh server application, there is the possibility of re-computing new Datashader images in Python callbacks based on user input or interaction. [1]

But you’ll have to manage all that manually. A tighter integration that is managed at a higher level is the primary benefit of using Holoviews for Datashsader.

  1. I suppose you could also use Datashader to pre-process lots of tiles that could be used with a TileRender to support zooming, panning, etc without a Bokeh server. But I have never done this personally or seen it done. ↩︎

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thank you.

I will try…