What do you recommend for drawing with Bokeh?

Hello folks,

My goal is to study data in a visual way. So the plan is to create very diverse functionality. First I will create buttons with different analysis modes and then I will add graphic elements to the chart + data + text over it.

For example, in a candlestick chart I would like to have 1 button to draw lines. If the button is active I should be able to click over the top of two candles and then Bokeh should show 1 line connecting those two points and a number, which is the slope of the line.

What is the best, most adecuate way to do it?

Thanks! this tool is great.

Hi @pedro_rodriguez I am afraid the questions as-posed is too broad and vague to do much more than point generally at some docs and examples. The best way to utilize this expertise in this forum is to make a stab at solving your task (or often even better: part of your task, in isolation). And then, with concrete code in hand, come ask about any specific problems you are encountering or whether the specific code could be improved.

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Ok, I think I know how to do it.

I saw the example that plots a line and the other ones that plot a box and I think if I understand this I may be able to do what I want.


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Great if you run into any issues or questions we are always happy to look at your code and see where any problems might be!