Why Bokeh has became popular in February?

Was exploring package popularity on pypi and noticed that last month Bokeh had quite an increase in number of downloads, just curious if there is could be a reason for that.

It is still lagging behind other major plotting libraries, but last month numbers look promising.

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Some possibilities:

  • a new popular project added Bokeh as a dependency
  • an old project with Bokeh as a dependency suddenly became more popular
  • some notebooks on Binder that use Bokeh suddenly became popular
  • a MOOC that requires using Bokeh just went live
  • a large company with centralized environment management added Bokeh to their setup
  • dev velocity on a project that includes Bokeh jumped, increasing CI use
  • PyPI made some change in their reporting methods

And many others I am sure I can’t think of of the top of my head.

Download numbers can be impacted in many ways, so they have to be taken with a fairly large grain of salt. [1] I definitely don’t pay them as much attention as I used to, except when they need to go into a grant proposal, etc.

  1. And BTW the numbers above completely omit conda download numbers, which are significant, and also does not consider CDN loads which are a different metric of adoption (“viewers” vs “use”). ↩︎

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Thanks, Bryan for the detailed answer here and all other support you are providing elsewhere, indeed there are a lot of possible reasons, but I hope it will get deserved popularity some day.

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