0.12.1 imminent, also BayBokeh

Hi all, I just wanted to let everyone know that we plan to release 0.12.1 tomorrow morning, barring any unforseen showstoppers. We are simply currently unable to devote the extensive person-power to manual testing that a big release like 0.12 was afforded, so any help and feedback testing the 0.12.1 release candidate is very appreciated. That said, this is a much smaller and incremental release, so I do also feel confident we are on solid ground. :slight_smile: As a reminder, dev builds and release candidates can be installed according to the instructions here:


I'd also like to mention that the second BayBokeh meetup in SF is happening August 18th:


Graciously hosted by GSN Games. If you happen to be in the area, please come say hi to myself and Sarah and all the other Bay area Bokeh users. There will be free pizza and beer and lots of information about new features and building apps with Bokeh.