0.12.6 dev7 with SVG backend for plots is available

Hi all,

I wanted to mention that a new dev build 0.12.6dev7 is available, available via the usual means:


Possibly of interest, this dev build includes a recently merged PR to support creating an SVG plot element instead of the default HTML5 Canvas plot element. The SVG element can then be saved using a browser tool like SVG Crowbar or the SaveTool. The docs are not merged or deployed yet but you can see the instruction for installing these dependencies and using the export function in the separate docs PR:


Besides testing this very long-standing feature, general testing and feedback would also be appreciated. We are targeting ~June 8 for a 0.12.6 release. There are a few regressions (currently being worked on) but the best way to find any others that are not known is for the community to put their eyes on things.