2019 July Bokeh Fundraiser!

We are having a (first annual?) July Fundraiser! Bokeh relies on paid cloud services to function. Help us raise 1000 USD to cover these and other costs for the next year!

We will be updating progress towards to goal all though the month here and on Twitter!


Two day update we are at 65 of 1000 USD raised. Please help signal boost our twitter updates!

Just an update that as of July 11th we have only raised 220 of the 1000 USD goal. If you have the ability to share with additional networks that could be interested in contributing, or know of any companies that might be persuaded to make a charitable donation, please help signal boost!

After what seemed like a slow start, the community has roared to life. We are at 963 out of the 1000 USD goal! We are obviously are immensely grateful for everyone who has donated so far!! I think we will meet our goal this week but we will let the Fundraiser site ride out until the end of them month. Anything raised over the goal can be used to cover costs even further out, or support other initiatives that can benefit the Bokeh community.

On another note, I’d also like to mention that as the project is become truly indepedent, and we ramp up these sorts of outreach and fundraising efforts, there will be increased focus on accountability. We will start issuing annual transparency reports about use of funds starting in January 2020. Thank you again, to everyone who helps support the Bokeh Community!!


Last update before a wrap-up at the end! We are hovering just about at 1100 USD, so we have reached our goal! So let’s see if we can make a new goal of 1500 USD! One one more week to pitch in and help the Bokeh project sustain itself!