A beginner guestion on how to set up bokeh server in AWS EC2

Hi all!

I am trying to embed a static graph using bokeh to an already existing website. So basically I need to embed some javascript to the exiting website as explained in the documentation. Only a graph needs to be embedded inside a container, nothing else. The only requirement I have is that I need to use AWS EC2 to set up. The javascript needs to make a call to the EC2 instance and return the graph.

Now, I have read the documentation regarding the server and the server architecture multiple times, but I am still lost. It all looks very easy, but it so happens that I have very limited experience in setting up a server and in networking in general. I have installed apache2 to my EC2 instance, but configuring seems quite a hurdle as there are multiple configuration files to take into account. I am also open to installing Nginx instead of Apache if it is a better solution.

I know how to make the required bokeh plots but the problem is how to transfer them to the website. So what I am asking is a very basic advice on how to set this up: Should I use the Apache/Nginx in my EC2 instance to handle incoming connections, or does the bokeh server have the capacity to handle incoming requests? What configurations should I take into account when configuring this this? And finally, how to request the graph from the html file and how to return it from the server?

Thank you for your help and have a nice day!