A fitness data blog using bokeh

I had been working on a personal project to aggregate all my fitness data (sleep, heart rate, workout etc.) and visualize them in one place. I ended up using Bokeh. This is a static standalone Bokeh dashboard hosted on a AWS S3 bucket. Checkout it out at www.hnagib.com.


Hi @hnagib,

This is amazing! What a readable, easily navigable dashboard (and for a subject near and dear to my heart!). I love those heatmaps, and the stacked bar chart for sleep is excellent. Can we put out a tweet about it? If so, do you have a Twitter handle we can tag?

Thanks so much for sharing!

Hi @carolyn, thanks! And yes, for sure. Here is the tweet. My twitter handle is @HasanNagib.

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Just in case - not sure why but I cannot load your website at all. The browser just doesn’t receive any response and keeps spinning. Even curl https://www.hnagib.com/ doesn’t work for me. In case it matters, I’m trying to load it from Cyprus.

@p-himik: I can load it as http, but not https.

Ah yes, I haven’t figured out how to configure it for https access yet. http should work. Are you able to access either http://hnagib.com or http://www.hnagib.com?

@hnagib AFAIK if you want to support HTTPS then you will need to use Cloudfront with the S3 bucket as the Origin. FWIW I also regard this to be “safer” than a public S3 bucket, since direct S3 exfiltration costs can be significant if lots of requests hit the bucket for any reason. [1] (Although maybe configuring the bucket as a “Static Site” moderates this risk, I don’t know.)

  1. Someone once downloaded the Bokeh sample data sets sixty thousand times directly from the S3 bucket over the course of a weekend before we noticed, and it racked up several hundred dollars in costs. AWS gave us some credits after some pleading but that’s not guaranteed. I’m not sure if it was accidental or malicious but we removed all public access to our S3 buckets after that incident, and now only go through CloudFront for everything (BokehJS CDN, sampledata, docs site, static site, etc). ↩︎

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That was it, thanks!
I agree with Carolyn - the dashboard looks really cool.

Yikes! Thanks for the heads up @Bryan. That definitely motivated me to get https set up using CloudFront :sweat_smile:. Site should be secured now!

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