A question about a web app


I have a project in mind I want to write in python. The main goal would be to make an app that calculates some parameters based on the user input.
What would your recommendation be? Should I go with bokeh or you would recommend I try something else.

Thanks in advance and happy holidays.

That’s definitely something you can do in Bokeh, see e.g. all the examples at https://demo.bokeh.org/ for calculations done with Python callbacks by a Bokeh server application. If the calculations can be done in JavaScript then standalone HTML solutions are also feasible. It’s not really possible to offer more guidance without more details (e.g. is this a locally run app run by individuals? Is it public facing and needs to scale to thousands of concurrent users?)

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Hi, Bryan!

Thanks a lot for the response. We actually went ahead and used Streamlit in the end.
Even tho I am BIG fan of Bokeh as you probably know, I wanted to explore streamlit as I never used it before. And we just went live half an hour ago! Talk about timing


I will definitely explore the Bokeh option in the future (and I will continue to support Bokeh by donations :slight_smile: )

Wish you a happy New Year! (Hope you like our app! - if you have any comments - feel free to share)


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