A question on Holoview integration in a Bokeh app

hey there,

I have spent some time on making a served dashboard based on bokeh app with callback triggering updates on the figures.

Now comes a point where I feel some limitations of Bokeh, namely for example plotting histograms are not easy, matrices of scatter plots need to be coded by hand…

So I have naturally bent towards the direction of Holoview, which offers this type of more elaborate figures and based on Bokeh. But I am a bit puzzled on how to incorporate the whole holoview machinery in a Bokeh app. Especially the way how I could integrate callbacks to update figures with it…

I would appreciate if somebody could tell me what is the best strategy to include HV figures that updates with click event callbacks — besides telling me to refactor the whole dashboard using Holoviews :slight_smile:


For the sake of completeness, the discussion is continuing here: https://discourse.holoviz.org/t/a-question-on-holoview-integration-in-a-bokeh-app/515