A quick look at Brazil fuel prices

Hello :slight_smile:

I thought I should share this Bokeh powered simplified dashboard about fuel prices in Brazil:

Bokeh in all its glory:

For Q2 and Q3 I had to export the figures to svg otherwise the single html file dashboard would become too “heavy” (long time to load).

Thanks for the Bokeh project!


@gmagno 'bigrado, e muito legal! :slight_smile:

Do you mind if I put a screenshot of the site in this post and/or tweet it out?

For sites with many plots that all have alot of data, export to SVG or PNG is definitely a reasonable thing to do. If you want to preserve interactivity, using an AjaxDataSource to load the data from remote endpoints might also help.

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Hey @Bryan

I don’t mind at all, I should have done that.
Also feel free to tweet it out! :smile:

I will eventually update the thread with a link to the source code which needs some clean up :roll_eyes:

Thanks again,

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