About bokeh.resources

Render bokeh by executing script returned by server_document
What should I do bokeh.min.js Put it in my static directory instead of the default installation directory of bokeh

Reference didn’t understand

def signal_scatter_main(request: HttpRequest) -> HttpResponse:
    script = server_document(
        url=request.build_absolute_uri("/bokeh_apps/signal_scatter_handler"),  # 此处配置与bokeh_apps.autoload中请求地址保持一致
        arguments=dict(request.GET.dict(), **request.POST.dict())  # bokeh只接受不带参数的url因此处理django参数,处理django参数数据

    return HttpResponse(jsonUtil.http_response_success(script))

@416970882 you are going to have to elaborate more about what and how you are doing things. Normally embedded Bokeh server apps know already how to load resources, and you don’t need to do anything at all. So if that’s not the case fo you, we will need to understand what you are doing outside typical usage.