Add 'copy to clipboard' to multichoice widget

I want to add a ‘Copy to Clipboard button’ on the side of the MultiChoice widget so that it copies over all the selected names to the clipboard

@Sandeep_Reddy You’ll need to add a CustomJS callback for the button click (lots of examples in the docs and repo) that use the standard JS APIs to write whatever it is you want to write to the clipboard.

Cool, got it.

Additionally, in multichoice it initially shows all the options in the dropdown. But once you type something, lets say ‘A’, it only shows 4 words that start with an ‘A’. How to make it show all the words that start with an ‘A’ in the dropdown?

I don’t think there is any way to do that. The “intermediate” value that drives the search before an actual selection is registered is not exposed in the API as far as I know.

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