Advice for suitable glyph (?) to use to show basic stats upon tapping

Hi, firstly apologies for the very vague questoin. A while ago I posted about this interactive map I created where tapping on a country would produce a pie chart. In the end with my current code structure it ended up being too hard (or just not to my current abilities) so now all I want is tapping on the country to result in some basic stats like “x % of entire profit” or “top 3 clients in this country” etc … My problem is with finding a suitable way to represent the resulting stats in Bokeh. I don’t want it to be depcited in a boring div (text), but in some aesthetically pleasing way instead, such as associated with some suitable shape (arcs, circles, squares…) … Example:
Exploring all the Bokeh glyphs I see they are all related to plotting and looking at the ready Bokeh examples online I don’t see anything similar. Any suggestion will be great, whether directly related to the question or suggestion in a broader context.

Seems like you want annular_wedge, documented here

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Thank you for the quick reply as always :slight_smile: I meant something more to do with the styling and representation of the stats, I really like the annular wedge and annulus glyphs but in the example I gave above, I meant to focus more on the overall text styling and format, ideally accompanied with some shape just for aesthetics, not on the figure itself (as I already failed miserably trying to represent the selected country’s stats in a pie chart, now I just want text to show up).
I will look into markup css styling as it is most likely what I need! Thanks anyway!!

Bokeh plots draw on the HTML canvas, which does not use CSS. The HTML canvas text rendering APIs are fairly basic and limited, essentially just font name, size, and style. If you need/want to use CSS styling, your best bet is probably to put a Div underneath the plot with the text content you want to style, rather than putting it in the actual plot.