Astronomy data visualization tool

This will be used by the Event Horizon Telescope project to analyze visibility domain of Very-long-baseline interferometry datasets/ uvfits files of observations like the M87 black hole(2019),currently Sagittarius A* and the 2021 observation campaign.

Relevant EHT press release:

Dockerhub Link:

Presentation with gifs of the bokeh app:

I’m not the best at building good dashboards and haven’t deployed the container to AWS as it’ll be primarily used within the project using dockerhub (might update with link in the future).


Hi @KimJongFun,

This is well done! Your presentation has some excellent animated examples of Bokeh core functionality. I thought the lasso tool demonstrating the linked plots was especially nice. :slight_smile:

Is it okay if we share your project on Twitter?

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Yes!. Please tag my twitter handle @KimJongFun7 when you do so.

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