Autocomplete case insensitive, middle of word


Been using Bokeh for a couple years now and love it. Recently started using BokehServer and not sure why I hadn’t used it sooner. One thing that I am missing (from an Ajax+JS solution to interact w/ Server) is having a robust Autocomplete option. So two things I’d like to do:

  1. Search within word for possible completions (e.g. option ‘DL: Delta’ shows up when I type ‘Delta’)
  2. Case insensitivity: (e.g. option ‘DL: Delta’ shows up when I type ‘dl’)

Is this already possible? And I am missing how to setup the autocomplete widget properly? If not, where would I play around to try and implement it my self? BokehJS?


Thanks for the kind words @jgriffi6. The build in Autocomplete widget is fairly basic and has not gotten much attention. If you wanted to try extending or improving it, the relevant source file is here:

You would need to build BokehJS as described in the Developer’s Guide and run a Bokeh server app to test with the local BokehJS you built (or use BOKEH_RESOURCES=inline for a standalone script). If you want to add new properties for additional configuration options, the corresponding Python class will also need updating to match.

Happy to answer questions/discuss if you actually start tinkering (though the “Development” Category might be a better location than Community Support).

One possible idea, since there’s likely an infinite amount of variation and control different users might want or expect, would be to add a property for some sort of CustomJS-like policy that can be used to process the user input and return completions (either from those supplied to the Bokeh model, or potentially even from some external API)

Hi Bryan,

I’ll play around with the code. Looking at this line:

I am thinking something like this may work:


not sure how much performance would be impacted. Also, I seem to remember Explorer not liking the includes function.

If I have something I’ll move to the Dev page and potentially make a merge request. Agreed that having some flexibility would be nice as well.