Autocomplete conflict with bokeh plot loading

I’m trying to use bootstrap-autocomplete to implement form input in my Django application. When I include a server-side bokeh plot on the same page, the autocompletion becomes flakey at some point while the plot is being initialized. It seems to be reliable once the plot is visible, and early-on in the plot preparation (before I start seeing browser console output from bokeh).
Any suggestions for a technique to insulate my javascript from bokeh during the loading process? Maybe as simple as a javascript hook so I can disable the dropdown functionality while the plot is loading? Or perhaps using bokeh javascript to implement my separate dropdowns?? Thanks for any advice…

Hi @lockhart unfortunately it’s not really possible to offer any guidance or insights without actually seeing what is happening in detail. “Becomes flaky” is too vague to speculate about. If you can provide a complete Minimal Reproducible Example that can be copied into a file and run, I am happy to run it and take a quick look.

OK, I’ll try to do that at some point. The autocomplete functionality seems to be reliable for one of my pages before and after the non-updating plots are being created or rendered, and mostly functional on the page which has (in my testing) very small updates. “Mostly functional” means that the dropdown selection works more often than not, but that I can’t predict when exactly the apparent interference will be happening.
Thanks for responding so quickly!

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