Awesome Analytics Apps Template

I’ve been working a bit on an easy to use starter template for Bokeh, Ipywidgets and Panel apps. Something that will make it really easy for me and you to develop apps with the look and feel of no matter if you are using Bokeh, Jupyter Ipywidgets or Panel.

Thanks to the great work from many of you in 2020 this is now possible to create.

It is alpha state. I will use it in production but I expect the api to develop fast for the coming period.

Check out the intro on youtube

TRY OUT THE TEMPLATE. You can find the repo and instructions here

Any feedback is very appreciated.



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Just a little bit of inspiration on the easy custom styling I’m trying to add to the templates.

Marc it’s an Awesome job!
Can I ask your advise as you are showcasing a lot of stuff reusing Panel.
I am using Bokeh for several interactive web applications and I have now to build another one with a complex configuration interface (several tabs and options), from a superficial analysis it seems the Panel Param library could be a good option to use. However, the website explicitly cites only Jupyter as a target platform where I need to deploy an interactive Web interface.

I will peruse your template and the aesome Panel website but i would appreciate your thoughts on this

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Hi @alucab

Thanks for your positive feedback.

Panel is a solution targeting both jupyter AND web apps. My site is an example of a web site built in Panel.

For the Awesome Analytics Apps Template you will just launch the web app via a python command.