Best way to pass Django Model object to or read from DB in bokeh server

I’ve been struggling to find examples of a bokeh server app (interactive) embedded in Django. I’m new to django and using bokeh with it, so would appreciate any guidance on the topic. I’m looking to do one of two things

(a) [preferred] Read and write to the sqllite database that Django default comes with from within the bokeh app. If anyone has examples of how this might be done, i’d really appreciate it.

(b) Or, have django read from the database, and pass that data (a model object) to bokeh. specifically one that reads from (say) the sqllite database using Django, and passes that data to bokeh server. For this option, I can pass other argumements through the arguments option for server document , and access it within bokeh. But how do I pass a model object to it? e.g. script = server_document(url=request.build_absolute_uri(), arguments={‘N’: -1})